Caprice Story

Caprice was founded as a private company in 1969.
Today the company is owned by Mr. Eli Shiri, the Vice-President of the RamatGan Diamond Exchange and Chairman of the Industry Committee.

Caprice is Israel’s leading company for designing, manufacturing and marketing gold jewelry with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and it is considered as an Israeli and international brand known for quality and beauty in the field of gemstone jewelry.

Caprice is a member of the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange and this allows
it to market its diamonds and jewelry (G.I.A certifiates) directly to the end
customer, with no middleman.

Caprice is also the fist jewelry manufacturer in the world to have the prestigious ISO9002 standard certifiation.
Caprice’s activities are aimed mainly at incoming tourism, but also at domestic tourism in Israel, and its jewelry is in demand and distributed both in the local market and in international markets.
Caprice has a permanent staff of approximately a hundred professional and skilled employees.

Caprice operates in three main branches in Israel: The Jerusalem branch
which contains a Diamond Museum, an audiovisual show, a restaurant, a
showroom and a unique tourist attraction – ‘The Jerusalem Art Center’. The
Tiberias branch which contains a Diamond Museum, an audiovisual show, a
showroom and the company’s jewelry production plant, and the third branch
which is located in the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange, Caprice RDC, which
contains an audiovisual show and a showroom. This branch is located near the
Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum.

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