Caprice Tiberias

The Caprice plant in Tiberias is the first jewelry
production plant in the world to have the ISO9002
standard certifiation. Caprice production plant is
recognized and approved by the Ministry of Industry,
Trade and & Labor and the Standards Institution
of Israel.

Caprice plant is one of the most advanced plants
in the world for manufacturing gold and diamond
jewelry, designed by Caprice’s own designers.

The Caprice Visitor Center includes:
• Gemologists’ private showrooms for
purchasing diamonds
• The Diamond Museum – a detailed explanation
about the 4 C’s (the four criteria for diamond grading)
• An audiovisual show
• A large selection of diamonds
• A showroom and visitor center
• Salespersons in all languages
Caprice Tiberias welcomes ten thousands of visitors,
every year, who come in organized groups or
independently from all over the world.
A visit to Caprice is part of the experience of visiting

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