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Камни по месяцу рождения

Время, когда родился человек, напрямую пересекается с характеристикой определенного ценного камня. Многие люди не знают, какой камень «принадлежит» им, однако он может значительно пролить свет на внутренний мир человека. Знания о драгоценных камнях начинаются с самого начала первого тысячелетия до нашей эры. В том числе в главе Исход есть упоминание о браслете Аарона, в нем было двенадцать не похожих друг на друга камней. Они соответствовали месяцам и знакам Зодиака. Спустя некоторое время иметь эти .

Caprice Ramat-Gan

The Diamond Office and RDC showroom are located in the Diamond Exchange in the heart of the World Diamond Trade Center, at the Avgad building. This diamond office purchases diamonds with no middleman for the Caprice  branches. The diamonds are examined by our gemologists and are then sent to our plant and the various Caprice branches all over Israel. Additional services: Gemologists’ private showrooms for V.I.P clients The Diamond Museum – a detailed explanation .

Caprice Tiberias

The Caprice plant in Tiberias is the first jewelry production plant in the world to have the ISO9002 standard certifiation. Caprice production plant is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and & Labor and the Standards Institution of Israel. Caprice plant is one of the most advanced plants in the world for manufacturing gold and diamond jewelry, designed by Caprice’s own designers. The Caprice Visitor Center includes: • Gemologists’ private showrooms .

Caprice Jerusalem

The Caprice Jerusalem Visitor Center includes: A Fancy Showroom • A large selection of jewelry and diamonds. • Gemologists private showrooms for purchasing diamonds as an investment. • Salespersons in every language. Gallery • A souvenirs and art and • Christian Items. Other attractions • A Diamond Museum. • An audiovisual show. • Easy access for buses. • Plenty of parking spaces.

The Brand

Caprice jewelry is easy to identify: it is original and unique in its design, of rare beauty, and of excellent quality, based on the ISO9002 standard certifiation given to Caprice as the first company in its field in the world. Since its inception, Caprice has carefully maintained the highest standards of quality, from purchasing the gold, diamonds and unprocessed gemstones, through the stages of design, processing and polishing, and up to the presentation of .